Indiana Pacers front office: this is how to run small market

They haven’t had higher then top 10 pick since 1989. They last top 10 pick was PG in 2010 and Turner was 11th in 2015.

Traded PG who wanted out for Dipo and Sabonis. They got Warren for cash consideration, sign and traded for Brodgan. Then flipped Dipo who wanted max (or close to it) for Levert. Their drafts been great (Turner/PG/Granger to name few).


They kind of the nuggets of the east


Model of consistency. Always been thereabouts over the past couple of decades

That Dipo/Sabonis trade was great foresight, IIRC they were kinda clowned when they did that trade, now looking like a huge win

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I fully support that. In Europe no one talks abt those two teams because they aren’t “well knowned” even though they got some serious European talents

It’s a great place for Levert to be in. I just hope he can stay healthy. He could have an Oladipo-esque rise in his level of play there.


Imo, Pacers are the biggest winner in this trade.


It’s unfortunate the way the NBA works that by them always being pretty good, they’ll never have a top 5 pick to have a better chance of landing a superstar that could put them over the top. They almost got there in PG’s best years but ran into the LeBron Train. And finding superstars outside the top 10ish picks is incredibly rare, maybe a handful every generation (this era I can think of PG himself, Giannis, Jokic, Kawhi, Butler)


May i say that the pacers are the only winner of this trades ?

Nets have lost depth and defense and future
Rockets have lost their mind
Cavs are cavs


I was actually thinking this but don’t wanna argue over it lol.
If Nets get rid of Kyrie Dancing sorry Irving somehow, we may see a different situation tho.

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Agree with almost everything you said, very well run franchise, but you forgot they trade kawhi 4 George Hill on draft night

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Yeah but you can’t expect every draft pick to become an all-star. Kawhi didn’t have much of an offensive game when he came into the league. They probably viewed him as a defensive wing who needs 3 years to become smth.

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Being an Indianapolis downtown resident, I love seeing credit given to the pacers. They do a great job in the trade market by never giving too much and always adding smart players. Main issue most of our fans have as well as me, is that they never chase big names. They don’t want to spend money even if it means non-luxury tax levels. Which is why unless they draft and groom a superstar, they will never go too far in the playoffs. I do think, with Sabonis producing at an all-NBA level so far, and Brogdon balling, that once we get Lavert settled in and TJ Warren back, this team could be a dark horse for the ECF. Hope so, at least.

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@ThePacer how do you feel about the trade?

they got Levert and a 2nd for Dipo’s expiring. Great deal. That money is tough for them to spend in free agency, because Indy isn’t a hotbed for free agents

The Oladipo trade wasn’t the best in my opinion. They are freeing up some money, but let’s be honest Dipo wasn’t getting a max deal and was probably getting about $25m dollars a year. And if they want to clear more cap, I don’t really see many free agents wanting to go the Pacers. As they are, they aren’t getting any high lottery picks any time soon or tanking unless they blow it up, and Victor is the closest thing to a star player they could get if they wanted to get further in the playoffs. Realistically, this trade moves them into further Purgatory IMO.

I fully agree, the Pacers have done amazing but have done bad in the playoffs. We’ll see this year, I like Caris over Oladipo though.

Cavs getting Jarrett Allen is a W by itself. The dude’s advanced analytics are very good.

Just saw this. I was sad to see Oladipo go, but feels like a good trade. Levert is younger and Oladipo is expiring.

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The first round exits have been frustrating, but we didn’t have Sabonis last year and didn’t have Oladipo the year before.

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The Cavs in my opinion. They got one of the absolute best young centers for Dante Exum