In your opinion what is the Play With Friends Meta?

We know the MTU meta but I don’t see any previous threads on the PWF (pro difficulty) meta. So I made this one if there is an old one just link it for me.

Any thoughts?


Meanwhile I don’t even know what the MTU meta is…

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Imo it’s the same as mtu. I use the same team in both modes

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PWF Meta is launch 3s with trailing limitless and post game because its literally impossible to get stops in that awful mode.

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You can get stops easily, I’ll show you Monday night.

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I just play the same way I play in MTU


You can get stops it’s just I rely a lot on late contests and you can hit legit 80 percent of lightly contested shots on PWF.

Also against someone good in the post its almost impossible to stop post hop shots, they will go in every single time.