In need of help. PS4 Account error code can't connect

So today I removed a bunch of accounts off my PS4 and 1 of them was an account my Supplier let me log into and sell for him. Anyways now I can’t get logged into my main accounts. I was doing some research and it said if I log into a working account I can log back into mine and it will work again. So does anyone have a burner account they don’t use anymore that gets connected to 2kservers that I can log into and try to get mine working again? My Supplier lives in China and is sleeping right now probably. I sent him a message but no response as of yet. I need to try to get back into my account as soon as possible so any help would be much appreciated.

@OGxSuave ?

Sorry bro I don’t have any burners I don’t even have my own account lol

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All good. Thanks for the quick response.

Have you checked to make sure that the acct registered to ps+ has activated as primary PS4?

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Yes thanks for the suggestion.

My old supplier is on now so I’m going to see if re-adding his account will work.

@jusbro92 you moving weight? :eyes:

No I am gaining weight though LOL