In general, how do you bully in the post?

I enjoy scoring in the post but my knowledge and stick skills down low are probably like a B-

What kinds of things you do to embarrass your opponents in the post? How do you set them up or what kinds of things do you look for to get buckets?

I know most of the moves but either a lot of my opponents defend the post well or I’m just not doing the right things at the right times.

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Post Fade and Spin/DropStep.
Just the Simple Moves for Me.
It’s easier when it’s a mismatch.
I just post fade offballers though

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Just ask @EarvGotti


So many ways

But you have to know your player

I don’t know if people realize how to use difficult shots on wilt, but he’s a MOVING bucket near the rim :wink:

The way I score on the post is similar but different from others

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@6thManSam is good in the post also!

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Just watch this. Not my video obviously.


What game was it where post moves were realty easy?

Wasn’t it 2k14

2k17 w amy Yao was just stupid


The one year I only played until oct. last card I ran was emerald bol lol

use bruiser to drain stamina, then drop step/spin/fade away. the closer you are to the hoop the better your odds of it going in.

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simple enuff right

pump fakes/misdirection

Fake post fade, into an up & under

Being highly effective in the post requires knowing your player’s animations and practicing in freestyle. Some players may not have a great fade, but could have a great hook shot, hop shot, up and under, etc. Know your player’s strengths. Something I especially try to understand is the different animations a player gets depending on which shoulder is closest to the basket when in the post up position. For some players, you may prefer to fade with the right shoulder closest to hoop but do a hook if left shoulder is closest. Switching shoulders is also a good way to stay unpredictable.

When you have a height or strength mismatch, go straight to power moves. If right under the basket, drop step. If farther out, post spin. The extra distance will allow you to complete the spin animation.

Once you master all animations and power moves, check out the advanced moves tutorial posted here. That’s when you can advance to things like the shimmy spin, post double spin, etc.

But to reiterate, just knowing player animations may be the single most helpful thing. For example, I really like posting up with PD Tim Duncan, but his regular fade is just ok. But when he is positioned on the left block with right shoulder closest to basket, his shimmy fade is insanely good—he gives two little fakes and fade creates a ton of space. He also gets different up and under animation depending on direction and distance to basket—you can learn how to trigger the best ones with practice.

Good luck!


I can’t remember what the move is called but I love doing post fades and then when they get use to it, back down and flick the right stick one direction, say to the left and before they shoot swing it the other way and you nearly always catch them in the air as your big does a half spin.

Dropsteps are my go-to. The trick with dropsteps are to go up while they’re still locked in the animation of being pushed away. Don’t bother waiting on a jump. Fake spins are also fun since that’s what everyone assumes you’re going to do. Fake spin into a fade works just about every time. Lastly, just be wary of position. If a guy is platy you to one side, just drive into the open space.

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Is that more effective than post fading on ballers?

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Yes bro.
If they offball
The CPU defender can’t stop the post fade

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