In game load times next gen

Anyone else having unusually long load times , especially in triple threat offline? It’s virtually unplayable for me, either doesn’t load at all or five minutes to load each game. It’s a digital download, and I’m on Xbox Series S…


weird. is your storage almost full? if it is I would recommend deleting some games. if it isn’t full or that doesn’t help uninstall and re-install the game. if neither work idk what to tell you

Same problem to me, but on current gen, PS4. Sometimes it freezes the game while charging the match, i have to restart the App.
Hope for a fix

On ps5 works great and loadings are fast like year ago

what’s really weird is the Xbox one version loads up immediately (?)

Up this. I’m on PS4, anyone having problems during the charging of the match? It stops at a percentage and then the game freezes and I have to shut down the app.
Lastly it happens on Freestyle too, i can’t try my new cards anymore!!! Is it a bug of the game? Anyone?

Same problems here.
I’m playing current game, the next gen its impossible

I’m having crazy load times and only make it in to like 25% of online games without an error code. I’m wondering if it’s a series s issue

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