Impression about Sekou Doubouya from overseas

Hey guys , as you prob dont know i’m french and i just saw the stat sheet of Sekou last night : 23min , 24pts at 10/13 (10th start with 7 double digit games in scoring) … pretty impressive cause he is the youngest NBA player , in France it’s a huge hype but what are the feelings from you guys from the US ? Ok it’s not Luka’s hype but still !!


I picked him up on my fantasy team yesterday :pray:

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Let’s go France!!! It changes from some flops such as Nkitlina or Poirier…
There are 2 or 3 more coming up next draft that should be good… Let’s hope they succeed in the best league in the world

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Franck is a defensive playmaker in a team that doesn’t run plays nor defend, Poirier is an undrafted player getting undrafted player’s minutes… You can’t really call them busts in these circumstances while Sekou was supposed to be a lottery pick. He shows highlights, as expected.


an 8th draft pick should have way more impact than Frank has…

My point. Drafting him that high is the organization’s mistake. Drafting a 20 y.o. kid with this profile in a team like that is the organization’s mistake. Adding Payton and Smith Jr shortly after is… well you know. Even 4th pick Porzingod didn’t change Knicks overall mediocrity, KP just made his stats, not the team better.

On demande les avis des américains et y a que les francais qui discutent entre eux :rofl:
:fr: :fr: :fr:


D’un autre côté, ils sont en train de pioncer là-bas :sleeping:


i inadvertently got stuck in a thread that sucks

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Sekou can hoop, international players been making big splashes lately.

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Surtout que l’on parle qu’en français donc ils vont pas suivre longtemps :joy:

Une chose que je m’en compte à quel point la NBA est impopulaire en France, et en réalité… je me réjouis d’être le seul parmi mes potes à être fan de NBA et même de basket! Tellement kiffant de pouvoir regarder un match tranquille sans les commentaires de tes potes ahaha

Poirier and Frank cant be compared cause one is a late bloomer and the other a high draft pick , but Sekou is in the same categorie than Frank but way more productive , thx to the Knicks to me

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He is going to be the best player from this draft.


One hot night and ya crowning this man

Watch the games before trying to roast poorly , Sekou was in G league with serious stats , he went up with the Pistons and since 10 games he did start 8 times with 7 +10pts games at a very good % (dont remember but + 50%) , this guy has some serious potential !!


Not saying he doesn’t have potential. I think he was an amazing pick but to say hes going to be better than the athletic freak zion and Ja who is already putting up great numbers as a rookie pg is gassing it.

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He probably won’t be better than Ja, but he surely will be better than Zion

Now that’s a hot take

And you base that statement on what?

My statement is based on the fact that Zion health isn’t the best as he has had injuries before. Now with a knee injury, my feeling is that he is too “fat” for the NBA. Look at Griffin. He made few good years, and now he is heading down.
I am happy for him to prove me wrong because he has potential but I highly doubt he will hit the top like a Ja or a Sekou could.