Imagine thinking EQ exists and then you run into an all PD / GO team

I just got Cwebb so i was like lets run an MTU game lol

Matchup with DA LANDLORDD. Beaten this dude in multiple 2ks. Look at his team.

His lineup:
Mark price / wilkins / giannis / GO Ibaka / PD ewing
Jerry West / mitch rich/ baylor / kemp / cowens

My teams is all saph / ruby / amy / diamond so according to EQ i should get a lot of breaks and have good luck!

Proceed to get my wheels absolutely blown out. Murdered. Destroyed. Anything that could go either way did not go my way. Not one time lol. It was hilarious.

What he did wasnt special by any means and were equally matched opponents. He ran a 2-3 zone and played bait D. None of my shooters could hit the open shots they got and definitely not once he contested them. at one point my giannis missed a 5% covered well times hop step layup bc PD ewing was 5 feet away not even does he have his hands up lmao. But sure equalizier. His players were soooo much faster, bigger, stronger etc. EXACTLY how one would imagine a full pd opal squad to play vs a team like mine

@jc9288 even if were past anecdotal evidence idc idc idc. This game was legit the funniest thing ever. Felt like a jv hs team vs the 2008 olympic team


count your blessings none of your guys got injured lol

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Him and @Carlo221 must have different Ibakas


I dont think he shot with ibaka once lol


Maybe you’re not as good as you say you are. It’s possible. Taking into account your scepticism for the obvious existance of difficulty adjustment algorithms in various sport games. :wink:


I play one game last night and pd Ewing is really good.

Sorry who are you?


A member of the forum just like you.

Weren’t you the one complaining about having an all diamond squad and getting smacked? It makes more sense that you’re actually the one who sucks

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I’m not the kind of dog that barks a lot. I’m a humble guy.

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Yeah. I think that’s just about the only thing we have in common

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I couldn’t tell

“Im a humble guy” - “humble” guy


In contrary to some big headed elite players and forum members here.

Says the guy who came in here to talk shit.

Go create another thread on how you got beat but its equaliziers fault not yours

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I just can’t understand how someone who says this shit can call someone else bad.


Bark puppies bark

True Life: equalizer killed my motivation to play 2k :sob::cry:

You do know what they say about dogs that bark a lot? Right?

Lmao landlord was complete aids in 2k18 and 2k19 beat this guy most of the games we played though. Not surprise he still the same player