Imagine KD (Kyrie Durant)

Imagine Kyrie and Durant joining forces together,
the best player & the most fun player to watch playing together, I don’t care where or with who, it will be the best show in the world.

Two cupcakes that are terrible leaders and can’t handle the media.
What could possibly go wrong?


They should. Go to the nets

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Fu** the Knicks, they shouldn’t go there anyway

If I was a free agent star player, my first choices would be Nets and Clippers.
Front offices doing amazing work, great ownership, big markets and young teams that have a lot of potential.

Knicks and Lakers are just a trainwreck at this point.


But some players want a fan base both of those teams heavily play second fiddle to another team, like every clippers game the fans have to walk around all of the laker statues

Not even being biased here but Dallas as well too has a bright future ahead with Luka and Porzingis and could create the cap space if it was really necessary. Its a big market but not as popular as Brooklyn or L.A obviously but its a long shot though lol

Perfect reply


That just means that for example getting Clippers their first title would mean a lot more for the legacy than being just one of Lakers icons.

Yeah, but I don’t think they’d want to make Luka/KP a second/third fiddle.
Dallas should just get some Covington style 3-D guys and maybe a Millsap style versatile big.

I want talking about legacy, I think some players want to have a lot of fans, and choosing the nets and clippers just doesn’t give you much of a fan base, other than that those are good landing spots

Like if kd goes to the clips and does well he wants the media and the fans to talk all about him and his leadership, but Lebron and the lakers would still dominate most conversations

As if OKC or Cavs were attractive destinations, yet those two had a huge number of fans.
NBA is a global game now, doesn’t matter where you play.
Arenas will be full regardless of the city they play in. (except maybe Detroit, lol)

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But if KD went there and bested Lebron and the Lakers he’d have the narrative of pushing Lebron out of his #1 player spot.

I agree man. Luka zingis have the potential to eclipse kyrie and kd’s legacies easily. They should build and allow those two to develop together instead of giving the ball to a ppint guard that doesn’t look up when he dribbles.

Wtf are people going to do in okc or Cleveland other than heroin or watch basketball, there is no basketball fan born in la who chose the clippers other than maybe some people who became fans after 2013

Yea i know, thats why i said its a long shot. From what I’ve been hearing we’re tryna sign, Vucevic which i like honestly but would prefer a better defensive big that can at least shoot just the midrange. And i also like Hardaway JR but someone like Middleton would fit better because of the defense. I think KD is gone though, he want the full max, no haircut deals this time

Damn mavs are trying to sign vucivic, will we see the first white big 3 since the 50s

Lol yup, every article on bleacher report regarding off season signings point to him singing with us.

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Vucevic and Porzingis, lat quickness duo of the year!

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