Imagine if

The next sig promo is a pd sheed with base 11

How much you think he goes for?

That would be great but I really don’t like base 11.


PD Sheed would complete me. I’d actually run an all time UNC squad.

PD MJ, PD Vince, GO Worthy, PD Antawn, PD Sheed


base 11 is overrated tbh ever since this patch.

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0% chance sadly

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Against noobs its not

Transition/ trailing 3PT its a guaranteed bucket

eh only noobs but if you matchup against a guy that knows whats hes doing then that release is irrelevant

I don’t mind diff types of releases, but I’m not huge on base 11. Prefer others tbh

i love roys release

If they GO him then it’s gg

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Yea they don’t have his rights but it’d be cool

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The money they’d make in the first 10mins of release would be :exploding_head:

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I dont understand, the entire point of base 11 is that it’s so fast that you can get a shot off quick without anyone contesting.

If anything it made base 11 more valuable no?

There are a lot of players with releases that are as good…Baron Davis, PD Oscar, PD Tmac, PD Melo to name a few. Those releases are just as good as base 11 with boosted shooting stats.

Seems like base 11 makes mediocre shooting stats/badges good for whatever reason.

Eric Montross


I honestly think base 11 made guys like Hedo/AK with no badging and decent shooting stats really good. I think now that there are a lot of Maxed Out shooters other releases are as good.

Melo kd and klay would be my favourite shot releases that are consistant. Or it could be how great they move to the 3pt line aswell.

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Yup PD KD is probably better than any Base 11 player. Never really used Klay, but I know he is good from playing against him all year.

Base 11 is just a tic faster than other quick releases.

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Tmac / Jimmy Buckets Release would be great

Yea ID love a montross card. I got his autograph when I was a kid after an acc all star game. The card art should be the bloody free throw during the dook game that year.

I’d settle for a decent Brendan Haywood card tho