Imagine if we were getting playoff cards right now

This game is officially a white fest. If we were getting the playoffs cards with 50 Hof badges, do you guys think this game would be playing even WORSE right now?

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We getting cards with 50 HOF badges right now just under different promo names…the only difference is that in September we planned to grind the Domination again.

Instead of that we will playing with Opal “anyone who averaged 5 point in his career” who will have Base 98 and Pro 3 hesi with every badge on HOF


You don’t feel as if current cards would be even more broken due to their more favorable animations?


2K clearly saving their current players for the Playoffs so what they’re doing right now is make every obscure historic players be a peekabo god.

I thought this for a while then they drop me a one day Tatum release

I tried Tatum. I didn’t like his jumper, same as Trae

Different than the first PD?

yea its Traes. I mean it’s not slow I just don’t like it visually