Imagine if THIS was April’s POTM

image How would you guys feel about this?


Lol idk how you guys keep your faith so high with 2k, must be nice…

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I feel I would sit out that month, the game would be unplayable


I’d eat a bowl of my own diarrhea just to get a taste of how broken that card would be


They did give us Hakeem and Dr. J…

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PD Peja more like it

PD HEDO would complete my life

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That’s not fair, you do that normally anyway.

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I imagine a lot of “what if’s” with this game. Who the POTM is last on the list lol

You spelled end wrong

Come back reality. This are next pd


More likely to get a pink diamond unseld

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I know one guy who will be very happy with this @LuckyKid :slight_smile:

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99 overall KP was a supermax reward last year… I’m not saying I think this will happen but it’s far from impossible

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You watch it’s gonna be PD a Wes guarantee you

PD Kristaps :scream::scream::scream: sweaty month it shall be

Shit we had a midget this month, so wouldn’t be surprised seeing Porzingis or some other tall ass mf

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Yea I don’t think KP would be a POTM reward when he was a supermax reward last year. But a PD Granger or Hedo would definitely be something I could see 2k doing since they see how much those players are wanted. Maybe PD AK47.

Nah players that are WANTED they make us pay for… you cant just be finding this out haha