Imagine if Tacko gets drafted + signed next year


Dude is going to be a 7’6 bronze

He gonna be 20K


Lmao he’ll be cheese


He’ll get a Ruby Throwback card. :rofl:


Especially if he gets drafted by Orlando


86 ball control

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After they gave that ruby throwback to Bamba…


Tacko, Manute, Thon cheese for TTO


with a 3pt shot :joy:

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They cannot develop young talent for shit


Steal of the Draft?


Speed Boost + Giannis Animations
86 BC and 85 3pt GG


Finally a 7’5+ guy who doesnt look like he’ll snap like a twig


Add Bol Bol


Why do they always lie about body fat :joy:


BOL BOL will be even more cheese and will actually get drafted. Shot a decent 3 ball In his time with Oregon.

I just for see cheese fest of manure and bol bol lineups


Hoping Celts draft him


“Duplicate Player” …people will complain about it all year too and it won’t be fixed


Having watched a lot of Tacko’s games this year, I think he has something to offer NBA teams if they’re willing to be patient. 7’6" guys with somewhat natural running gait and coordinated movement don’t come around very often. They also tend to be weak and frail which Tacko is most definitely not. While not fast by positional standards he is a surprisingly good athlete for his size. He might be faster and stronger than any other 7’5"+ player in NBA history. Adding to that he can be really nifty with his post scoring. He can step through a double and go under and around the basket easily. It’s not just all brute strength. I’d say he is better in that aspect than any other of those freakishly tall players to come through except for Yao of course (but Tacko has 9inches of wingspan on him). Obviously he is a game changing presence down low on defense comparable to a Manute Bol. Every shot within his wide radius is altered. The problems are that he will be an issue not being able to get back on defense quick enough, he will get chewed up on pick and rolls (though he has the length to recover from mistakes), will have trouble getting out to contesting the three, and his free throw shooting is absolutely abysmal.

Tacko Fall’s 2K20 base MyTeam card if I was designing it (I love this stuff):

Open shot mid: 34
Contested shot mid: 30
Off dribble shot mid: 25
Open shot 3pt: 25
Contested shot 3pt: 25
Off dribble shot 3pt: 25
Shot IQ: 78
Free throw: 32
Offensive consistency: 48

Shot close: 74
Standing layup: 92
Driving layup: 55
Standing dunk: 95
Driving dunk: 55
Contact dunk: 50
Draw foul: 90
Post control: 84
Post hook: 87
Post fadeaway: 42
Hands: 76

Speed: 40
Acceleration: 34
Vertical: 42
Strength: 90
Stamina: 68
Hustle: 42
Overall durability: 74

Ball control: 30
Passing accuracy: 30
Passing vision: 32
Passing IQ: 44
Speed with ball: 26

On-ball defense IQ: 45
Low post defense IQ: 88
Pick & roll defense IQ: 56
Help defense IQ: 67
Lateral quickness: 34
Pass perception: 72
Reaction time: 78
Steal: 48
Block: 96
Shot contest: 97
Defensive consistency: 82

Offensive rebound: 94
Defensive rebound: 82
Boxout: 85


My Day 1 lineup

PG - Giannis
SG - Porzingod
SF - Bamba
PF - Boban
C - Tacko Fall


Gonna be hella aids