Imagine 2k releasing update notes like these

I’m fucking speechless.

Proceeds to close 2k20 and opens No Man’s Sky


This game has gone through one of the roughest journeys ever

And became one of the best games I’ve ever played. Incredible turnaround.

Ppl absolutely trashed this game when it first came out. Is it considered good now?

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Yes, example of patches reinventing games

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Take note. This is how it looks like when a company genuinly cares about the experience of their customers.
Think about that the next time you feel the urge to buy VC. And ask what have you done for me lately 2k? The answer is always: absolutely nothing.

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I’ve played this since last year

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It’s an amazing PSVR experience if you have the ability to play it that way.

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Good is an understatement, everyone is praising this game now. And rightfully so. Just check out the comments - 100% positive. 2k can only dream about that kind of reception. But that’s how it is when you put your heart into something.