I'm probably done with TTO tbh

Not even complaining about how they play, cause it’ll happen regardless, but I’m just SO TIRED of Magic, Kawhi, and a op stretch big. I can’t do this anymore I’m sick of these players to the point where I don’t even want them on my team. I’m an anti-meta player thanks to these guys.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk


MTU is the way :wink:


My team isn’t good enough to go against those gods lmaooo

Try some budget teams :slight_smile:

Thurl + JaVale 4 Life

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Haha that seems fun.

I’m with you, man. TTO was fun for a bit and definitely a good way to get your MT and tokens up, but it can definitely get tiresome after awhile. Try MTU for a bit and come back to TTO later once the stank has worn off :joy:


Thanks nickstank lol

TTO is boring for me, I only use to to test out new players for a couple of games before I go to MTU

It’s not even worth the grind

I’m with you, nothing worse trying to grind in this mode to unlock some shoes or a contract and the ball doesn’t bounce your way

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