I'm not proud of myself

The amount I paid for that opal luka was high. I hate y’all for making Luka that high but I got him. I play one game with him at 7-0 and lost because my team couldn’t make an open shot except for pg and Ben. Ben doing layups right near the rim instead of dunking it, getting bump steal and brick brick two free throws. My stack team has no idea how to guard dr.J. Wilt looking clueless as usual. He need to get the heck off my team but that not the point. I got opal Simmons


Went off on a random tangent there, but you recovered.


What’d u pay for Luka?

Vestiges of the GOAT persona of 2kG

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Enjoy him smoothest player in the game atm

Too much for a card that shouldn’t be more than 250k


I thought going have fun game then I remember I’m playing 2k.

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Yea I bought him for 630 and cringed when I did it. Worth it for Ben I guess.

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Good post. Ben is a beast. Reminds me of my favorite carloism of the year “Am I’m on drugs?”

Im so fucking proud of your ability to string together a whole paragraph of coherent english :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I always make the same mistake by not buying the card when the day it come out. When it way cheaper then it is now.


Shit grats on Simmons bet he’s a monster.

Luka without the set is worth 150k :disappointed:

I learned that with TMac. he doubled his price in a week

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I got my luka for 487. So sitting tight until he gets to astronomical amounts or gunna lock in for ben. Not sure yet lol

Bens a top 5 card

I don’t doubt it. I sold asg magic so missing a solid pg with size. Dont like running pd lbj lol

Hes probably not better than opal Giannis but I dont have that luxury. Hes way better than Magic, better jumpshot and dunks on everyone.

opal giannis is still the #1 card but ben is really close 2nd.

I miss that lebron tho :rofl: