I'm New and cant for the life of me work out how to score higher in domination... please help

hi guys. I’m New to nba2k19 and i love MYTEAM… ive read guides and tips on what to do but im still struggling with domination.

so… the last 2 games ive played have been pretty similar so if anyone can shed some light on how to score higher or what else i can do, that would be awesome.

last game… my counter i the top right corner finished the game saying i had 511MT. when it went to the score screen it stated.


i can’t remember the exact scores for the other stats but I ahot 3/5 3pts… 8/10 Ft… I shot 81% overall… i won the game by 30… and the difficulty was 1.00

i cant work out why the end score i got was 576…

all the guidesive read say aim for 100mt a qtr. make sure u get the bonuses. make sure you assist and use post plays… het steals etc… ive done all of that and more.

so why is my score so low… how do i score in the 700. 800+ range

Work the post. U get lots of mt for post moves. Assists and defensive stops also helps

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It would be helpful to see screencaps of your summary screen showing score and team stats.

But if you only got 265 for Offense and 171 for Defense, then it appears your scoring was a bit low (should be able to get 300+) and even though you won by wide margin, you have a very low Defense MT total (should be close to, or above 300).

I don’t know how you can win by 30 and get such a low Offense total while also getting a very low Defense total.

But on the Defensive side, I’m assuming you got very few Steals, Blocks, and aren’t getting the bonuses for Good Contest as often as you should.

Do u get mt points for good contests ?!?!

I try to score at least 80 a game as a must go to for every game. I balance 3s vs 2s. 2k won’t let you hit too many 3s in a row but you can eat in the paint. Try to score in the post a little bit more ( post fades don’t count must be a drop step or post spin etc). Fast breaks,second chance points,and steals are your best friend.

Harry, i had double digit steals my team score was 92 so i scored well and every play i assisted or used a post move.

when i play my next game ill post a screenshot…

like i said. ive read guides and watched vids showing how to score higher, which is why I’m confused as to why my score is low.

i still don’t understand how it said I had 511mt at the end of the game and then only just got higher than that at the score screen.

Yes. You get +3 for a good shot contest. I think you might also get it when you also get a Block. But aside from playing good D, it’s why it’s important to always manually contest. You won’t get credit if the CPU does it for you, I believe.

I list other bonuses here:

Play solid defence and it will lead to fast break points, fast break score is +4, assist +4, made shot +4 and if you can dunk +3 (my numbers may be wrong) mix in some post scoring with some 3’s and you should be golden bro

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I’m pretty sure they actually nerfed Fast Break this year down to +2. Assist is +5. Made shot, I believe, is +2 or +3 depending on 2- or 3-pointer, and Dunk is +3 while Layup is +2. Post Moves are +5.

You’re right: pushing to get Fast Breaks are huge for racking up MT. Not just for the +2, but more so because these can often lead to the +3/+2 finishing bonuses, usually will have a +5 Assist, due to the outlet pass, and take up very little shot clock time, by their nature. So Fast Break Assisted Dunk is 12 MT. And if it came off a Block/Steal, the you have that/Rebound, too.

There are times when you get two or three Blocks/Steals into Fast Break Assisted Dunks and while you were worried that you only had 230 MT with, like, 1:00 left in the 3rd quarter, within 30 seconds, you racked up like 70-90 MT.

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Defense makes up for a lot of points. Try for steals and blocks and rebounds.

defense is key blocks and rebounds also fast break points

so what i still don’t understand is how the offence and defence is scored at the end of the game.

i mean, if the aim is to score around 100mt a qtr… . 400mt a game.

how do u score 300+ at the end on offence and defence each

That’s the multiplier bro, every good action gives you points ranging from 2-12. Stop them from scoring 3+ times you get “multiple defensive stops” worth 12 points, mix in a block for 4 and a steal for 4 with a rebound for 6 and those 3 defensive possessions gave you 26 points without any offense points

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but isn’t that what u get throughout the game that shows up in the top right?

because I had 511mt throughout the game from all those actions… dunks, steals, blocks, etc…

what i dont understand is how at the end of the game it said I got 264 for offence and 171 for defence… that’s not even close to 511…

so how do you score 400mt for an entire game but have a 300+ offence and 300+ defence???

i sincerely apologize if im coming across like an idiot. I am new to nba2k and im just struggling to understand how the “end” score is calculated.

and maybe my defence could get better but i dont know how I could play any better on offence to give a higher score at the end

Nah man it’s cool i was in your boat for 2k17, you don’t seem like an idiot at all and everybody in here is always happy to help.:blush:

So depending on game level your multiplier will change. For rookie its .75, pro is 1, allstar is 1.25 and superstar is 1.5. At the end of the game if it’s on pro and you got 200 for offense and 200 for defence your score would be 400. Using the same numbers on all-star you would get 500, superstar 600 but it works both ways on rookie that score of 400 would only be worth 300 due to the .75 multiplier.

You also get bonuses for opponent strength, 5 3pointer attempts and 10 ft attempts.

I completed all 3 dominations averaging roughly 60 points with ruby David Wesley. Off the inbound sprint forward pass the ball and your player will be open for a 3 pointer. Enjoy easy

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Smart basketball man post up, learn some plays, take smart shots and try to get assist on each shot

Did someone say learn plays :innocent:

You can even PM your lineup and I’ll come up with a little scheme for you.


thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read and reply. i really appreciate it…

good luck all