Im new 2 this site looking 2 buy 100k mt ps4

i will go first but only if harry or ryan the team leaders say u legit plus it has to be psn codes im looking to buy rwb97 to finish my team tierd of the grind and pulling packs sucks for me u feel me so im try buy some mt ? im not trying to get scamed or scam anyone

i will send screenshots of the psn codes that proves its legit with the date and time i bought it so if anyone trys to scam me and say my shit fake i got proof

The thing with codes is sometimes the guy will send the code and it can’t be redeemed. Then the guy says I couldn’t redeem the code , it says it was already redeemed. Then the other guy says well because you redeemed it so give me my coins. Not that you are trying to do this to anyone but it has happened to people.

what is the best way then im not trying to do paypal im young dont have a bank account this is the only way i can do it

I’m pretty sure you can buy PayPal credit at the same place you bought the PSN. If anything I think there are sites that buy your PSN and convert it to PayPal for you

i get my psn codes at gamestop if there is a way to do what u say i will try that then and provide proof befor any transaction like i said i dont what to be scamed or scam anyone

i only get 20 dollors a week from my dad every week i buy packs and never get nothing so i figure i try buy mt i read all the time people buy but i also read people get scamed

I think it would be best if you messaged the people you see actually making sales right now. Ask them if they are ok with taking psn gift card. Hopefully it works out for you.

thank you for your info

It looks like there is a couple of guys selling right now on PS4. Always check out their profiles and the check out the profiles of the people that are vouching for them. Good luck.