I'm loving my lineup

Just bought Iggy a few minutes ago. I haven’t tried him in MTU yet but I played one TTO and he shut Melo the fuck down.


Nice line up!

Thanks man. Just gonna build back my mt for before next round

Ugh Iggy looks amazing… I’m trying to hold back and not spend more than 60 on him (maybe 70). Havent lucked into one yet.

I got him for 106. Doesnt look like he will hit BIN for now and hes outta packs later this week

That was my struggle with getting Iggy or AI. I locked Issel a week ago and there is still a few weeks left before the next monthly reward. So many things can happen between now and then. I refuse to become impatient this year lol. I want to try them for the fun factor (and that they will dominate) but I also want to keep building mt.

Who did u end up getting lol. I dont care for a.i. well Iverson, they’re both a.i lol

Iverson is awesome on offense , but beside stealing…he just got punked on defense

I’m rocking my rewards for now. They’ve carried me through both months so far along with the rookie sensations cards. I’m feeling like I may need to sell those cards as well before they crash in price but I love using Kobe, Hakeem and Bird. This is a perfect time for me to grind domination and unlock the diamond market

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I’m going to try out Iggy once my son is off of fartnite

Kiki (#whitemelo) is my favorite card I’ve used!

You must get Iggy. His card is way better offensively than last years diamond


Yea I believe we got more than 2 weeks until next reward so now is perfect time. I’m jus tryna finish schedules

Better than last year in offense… You just sold me

He has great midrange and 3 ball and I put the kobe a.d mid on him. Also last year his moving shot 3 was low but Its 87 now

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Loved iggy. He also gets a ton of CPU steals when you have to control the pick defender in addition to being a really good shooter and solid facilitator.

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I can’t wait to hit diamond rewards and get that Baron!

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I’ve won like 30 games with Iguodala in TTO he ain’t that fair in that mode

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Damn guys I’m about to get him and run tto of

Iggy, #whitemelo, and Bob Lanier!

I used scottie, melo, and issel but I replaced scottie with Iggy now

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