I'm in need of guidance from the 2K MyTeam Gods

Hey guys!

I’ve been playing 2k since 2k14 i think and it’s been my most played game since.
I’ve played all the game modes but i’ve spent most of my time in MyTeam. But the thing is
in my opinion I’ve never been really good at the game compared to the time I’ve spent
playing it. I’m in need of advice and guidance from the successful players, just basic good to know tips and methods so I can live up to my potential. I’m mainly talking about Unlimited, offensive and defensive tips, lineups and more. Btw I wish a new about this site earlier smh

Thanks guys

Whats your lineup?
Do you run plays?
Lots of ppl on here run friendlies and you can watch their replays or even play against them

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Yea what simon said (lol) run friendlies with guys on here. Get ya ass whooped and learn a few things along the way. Also tons of videos from guys on here such as @Hemmi2k & @RawCP3 with youtube content that can help out


Johnny 3-0’d me in a tournament last year

I’ve tried plays and playbooks but I always get flustered when the defence reacts and the timer runs out. I sold my cards when priced went up and I’m sitting on 800k

Lol yea but u got better throughout our series. Had me sweatin a bit last 2 games.

Will check them out, thanks!

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Granger too good at the 4 :smile:

Any cards you have rn? Or just 800k flat
Budget team?

These are my best cards at the moment

Did you cop the pd rick barry?

Was to late

How do you like Lillard? I would recommend Magic as hes just a game changer imo. Size dimer shooting etc (140k)

I’d also recommend Marc Gasol and embiid. Studs on defense and offense (40k ea)

Magic / Peja / Melo / Rshad / Gasol

Ben or Lillard / Joe / Dray / Pettit / Amy Embiid

I wouldnt run Ben and Eaton together thats just asking for offballing


Best Auctionable Players by Tier Here are some of the best “meta player” you can buy in the auction house."

I suggest you scroll down and look the “diamond starter” would be nice for your squad. Amy KP is a must buy for your squad and butler aswell


Thanks for great advice, Simon I will give them a try! What playbooks would you recommend?

Mavs / warriors for a lot of 3 point plays

Or you can use bucks / pelicans if you wan’t to 5 out.

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I used to use the warriors but i havent really touched the game since the playbook got updated so i cant tell you. But i hear the suns/knicks are poppin

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Nice, I just watched some og Hemmi’s videos and learned alot, fun fact we are both from Iceland ;D But looking at the lineup suggestions and auction housing and will update with the added player lineup, thanks again for the advices guys!

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