I'm in love with John Stockton

I just had to say that. He’s so much fun to use. So much better than the reward card too.

I just ran my Jazz squad into an all Opal and PD lineup that ran Worthy at the 1 and won in OT. Stockton didn’t play high leverage minutes (I move Kirilenko to the 1 when facing obscene size cheese) but when he was in he was a game changer even tho he was the shortest dude on the court. Him having HoF Limitless and Difficult Shots turns him into a two way Steph Curry.

I’m in love.


Better put a ring on it.

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Im so tempted to run him!

Yeah, cause Karl never did & look how that turned out. :joy:


He belongs to Karl… you are 20 years late.

In some places it’s called Common law marriage.

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Damn you! I just remembered my Bad Boys Pistons were 30 years ago. Now I feel old af. :rofl: :joy:

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Do it dude. He’s so fun. Just realize that when you GO Giannis its an auto L

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