I'm in a tough spot with my team and I need someone to take the time to hear me out

I’m not having a hard time winning at all (not trying to brag or sound cocky) but I can tell I’m missing something from my team to give it that extra spark on offense because some games I’m just stagnant for a quarter or 2. Defensively I am locking teams down so I don’t need help or advice on that end…

So hear me out with the moves I’m thinking…

I’m selling Shaq at the moment I should have around 350k MT. I’ve already decided going to pick up a KAT, I’ve always enjoyed his card and he will he coming off my bench.

I’m thinking about selling Kuzma because the only spot I can place him is PF and Kawhi as well(just because). And picking up Prozingis and Jimmer…

Once I get KAT this is what my team will look like with about 280k MT

Get PD melo

So you are keeping Kawhi, wise.

You dont really need Wade, Lebron, dr j, and magic. Since dr j is reward, id dump wade. And split up tatum/kuz. They are redundant players.

Move lebron to starting pg. Slot in kuz or tatum as starting sf.
Bench: magic, drj, kuz/tatum, PF, Towns.

Play around with that bench pf. If you have AK47, simple choice. If you have other PF candidates, play around with it.

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