Im Grinding Nba 2k21 Everyday! Come Follow!

yo guys its dannydynamite! im on the grind to 10k twitch followers and im streaming nba 2k21 new park, myteam, and more almost every single day! please make sure your following my stream and supporting, streaming is my favorite thing to do and im close to being partnered! please follow and watch as much as you can with notifications on! thanks! #tntsquad




Live come check it out!!!



Live ready for 2k21

at least i want to give you 1 comment which is not from you… <3

Chasing the mighty ad dollar, can’t knock a hustler.

Live ready for 2k21!

Running ads net u very very little money unfortunately. :frowning:

Subscribers and ads then still a hustle plus you need too stream 4-6 days a week aleast 6-12 hours a day if you wanna become a famous streamer.

yeeee i know the hustle!

I’ve been streaming every day since 2k15, it’s tuff

People already playing 2k21 and servers are up!

2k21 tonight!

Live on 2k21 right now!!!

Grinding my team come see!