Im going through and doing sets for melo

Is 3k too much to spend on silvers? And some of these seem price fixed, do people really spend 8k+ on these?

3k is a cheap silver bro

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3k and below are the cheapest silvers

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Haha yeah man 3k isn’t bad at all for a silver. I’ve finally gotten all of them except for the Nuggets. Freaking Hernangomez. Lol

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What about these ridiculously overpriced silvers though? Like 15k for some of them. Buy em anyways?

The base league packs that dont give you over an emerald are great to open up if you need silvers. Opened 51 of them about 3 nights ago and pulled 24 silvers to sell. But everyone opens up promo packs and that’s nothing but current saphires and rubies.

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Cheap Sets on ps4 are cavs, nets, pistons, clippers, Jazz, lakers, Suns. There might be one high price Silver per set but you should get almost every silver for under 3k if you take some time

Good luck.

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Thank you gentlemen

That’s crazy there are still that high with Klay being in packs.

You could also collect 1000 cards then sell back instead of locking…get 275 tokens I think…could push to 1250 to get super OP AK47.

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The plan is to get to 1000 and get the 250 tokens and lock enough sets to get me close to melo, then maybe sell the rest back. Ill then grind the rest of the tokens by playing.

There’s no point in going past 1250 cards IMO but you should absolutely get there to unlock AK47 then sell everything back.