I'm DONE Opening Packs & Buying VC on NBA 2K20

I'm DONE Opening Packs & Buying VC on NBA 2K20

Cliff notes

Shake looking like he just came out of Jumanji. Or a coma

Shake says “I don’t know” a total of 97 times in this video

Shake is the Freddie Mercury of talkers. That voice got 5 octaves

Shake makes good videos



Thank you for your honest videos and saying it like it is. I’ve followed your channel since I started playing MyTeam and will continue to do so even if you don’t open packs.

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@ItsShake4ndbake sorry man lol, I just spent $10 on VC, opened one single and pulled Moncrief

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And you are Shake. Won’t be hard to get an account with players.

Great video and an honest opinion. Only guys who have played this game for years would understand. It might not be favoured by the masses but your doing what you feels right for you and that’s all that matters.

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That’s crazy, just checked both the new Xbox and PS5 release date. Apparently both are expected to be released by Holiday 2020 (I’m assuming next Christmas I guess).

On a side note, if any of y’all are huge Halo fans (such as myself), we might have to buy this new Xbox console in order to play Halo Infinite.

Btw, I’m wondering if 2K will make both a 2k21 for the Xbox one (if so, it ain’t worth it) and one for the new Xbox “Scarlett” (Just like 2k14)

I’d imagine they would. If history repeats itself, you’ll have a next gen version with upgraded graphics and physics, but may lack game modes. The previous gen will contain the copy and paste model with more game modes

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If that’s the case, then I’m expecting MyTeam to be very weird next year. Honestly if I were 2K, I’d give the option for MyTeam Users to transfer their MT from the Xbox One version to the new Xbox Version so that the users don’t have to start over on the New console version.

It’s a sweet car too, @ItsShake4ndbake… I am sort of biased though :joy:


Good choice, especially considering their ass servers wont even let you play the game online. Spending money on this game only to have everything reset every year makes no sense.

Lol nothing can beat a Mustang. The Mustang is my favorite car of all time and I wish I had one.

Too bad I’m a broke college student who has to suffer watching other rich college students flexing out with their mustangs.

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They’ve been my favorite since I can remember… This is my second Mustang and I’ll probably drive them until I die lol.

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Awesome, if you don’t mind me asking, what was your first Mustang?

Was it the 2005-09 Mustang (that’s my favorite version).

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My first was a 2011 that I turned into a fucking beast, but I sold it for a stock 2016… Thank god it won’t be stock for much longer though.


Lol, that’s awesome!

Enjoy your Mustang my guy.

You do a video like this almost every year.

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Tbf, this game this game is arguably worse than 2k19 (which I didn’t think was possible)

  • Blowby’s are back
  • MTU is inconsistent (wasn’t even working the first month),
  • Terrible rewards that had their positions changed (that would’ve made them useful)
  • Insane EVO requirements,
  • Terrible auction house slider (maximum BIN search option doesn’t work the last time I checked)
  • You can’t buy badges anymore on the AH (which is dumb imo)
  • Some of the rewards (in the Diamond tier) have already been replaced by better versions of the player for MT (Sidney Moncrief is an example)
  • TTO Online has been trashed
  • CPU’s green anywhere between 2-5 (on extreme cases)shots per game on TTO Offline (even contested 3pts, floaters, mid-rangers, etc.)
  • 2K’s first qualifier might end up in a huge disaster
  • Locker codes were reduced in amount
  • 2K removed a few goals that would’ve given us 50k MT
  • Wide open 3’s are missed at a crazy clip

Am I missing anything else?


Because 2K shit on their fanbase every year


Yeah, with MTU still being subject to glitches and the rewards not being super compelling, then all I’m doing is playing offline PvCPU. I can do all of Dom with cheap/Rewards cards. I only need to temp own cards for Spotlight.

I’m up to 600K in MT with maybe ~150K in auctionable stuff. Still need to buy Roy/Hakeem/Pippen, finish last 4 or 5 games of SL Drexler, then sell them.

And then keep playing my way through the Dom’s, TTOff, Weeklies, grind EVOs, keep up with SL’s, and just continually accrue MT until some point later in the cycle when MTU is hopefully fixed and I want to field a high-end team.

Until then, I’m just running with free cards, especially EVO’s that were free and worthwhile to evolve.

No need or interest in buying and holding elite cards, much less buying VC to try to pull them.


And yet with a “good” content drop Shake is back to buying VC and posting pack opening videos year after year.

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