I'm DONE Opening Packs & Buying VC on NBA 2K20

Thoughts? Comments? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ebq0Sq3ZxA


O I’m with u, I’m waiting for ps5 now, I didn’t know it was announced this morning, fuck them packs


Pretty sure I won’t buy any vc for the second consecutive year.

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Do reviews of players that are going to be in the packs on Friday, go over the stats on mtdb, I be at work when packs drop, so I can listen/watch the videos like that while I’m working so I can prepare when I get home


Also hearing you problem, I’m sure it’s different but for me, I couldn’t play myteam if Netflix was on in a different room, Netflix took priority over my signal to play online, I’m sure you have checked, but if not, look into what else in your house pulls a lot of bandwidth, that could be a problem, I tho of it when u said u play on your mobile hotspot just fine, meaning nothing else is using that bandwidth so psn isn’t fighting with another service to run smoothly

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I understand why you’d say that as the packs have been total ass this year, but I don’t believe you. One really good content drop and I’m sure you’ll be back at it. Plus you are one of the few I actually pay attention to because you dont overhype pack odds just to get views. I’d say sit a few weeks out from buying the vc and packs then come back when there’s something worth opening packs.

Tried it with everything off and logged out still had issues, not sure whats wrong with their severs

Just a personal choice, im sure theres going to be fire content probably soon. Probably a great card on friday but, no desire to keep doing as i have been with the game. Theres too many reasons to list for this needing to happen




At least you realize whats important. Paying the house off is 1st step in a comfortable retirement. Doesnt matter what age you are, that should be priority #1


Just wait til January shake…maybe late December. Game has too many bugs.

Hahaha honestly ive been tempted to restart my account on another PSN I may!


I watch your content mostly for the genuine, honest truth your’e not afraid to share.

Your pack vids are nice but i think you bring more to the table as being the most honest community yter


Yup, I got my car paid off a few months back and now focused on the house! Got a plan set and been paying more already towards it


Mad respect @ItsShake4ndbake


A real one for this @ItsShake4ndbake, I spent tons last year with nms this year

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I’m trying my damnest to spend as little as possible on this game. I spent way too much last year. Did make some back selling mt but I can’t justify it anymore. And tbh so many ways to make mt in the game anyways I’m with you @ItsShake4ndbake it’s not like we haven’t seen these cards in previous years. They literally just rolling them out in a different pattern with a few new evo twists (which personally I like). Lots of offline options as well. I’m enjoying the gameplay offline. And tbh last year I didn’t play a shred of offline. Didn’t touch domination.

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No I get it. Online is almost unplayable and the grind for evos is ridiculous. It hard to have enthusiasm for something that clearly the devs are not listening to the community. The only real positive I can say for this game is that they’ve eliminated the ability for every card to hit limitless shots consistently from the logos.
I do hope you can create good content without the pack openings. The fact that you don’t shill to 2k and are willing to put out videos criticizing them is a big deal. Change is needed.

respect for someone big like you for in the community for saying what needs to be said, lookin forward to seeing your new content

Make rewards boxes not packs, fixed. I would play so much more if i knew i was playing to get the same content dudes get for just throwing the money at the game and not playing.