I'm 3-13 in SuperMax this round

All I want is Adrian Dantley. I swear to the 2K gods he’s all I want. This is the worst run I’ve been on in 2K in years. I don’t know what to do. Every single fourth quarter my team goes to shit. I haven’t shot over 40% in a single fourth quarter in I don’t know how long. I’ve tried different lineups, different offensive schemes but I always end up missing every open shot down the stretch or random bump steals or getting out rebounded again and again until my opponent makes a three.

Do I have to buy VC or something? Call more timeouts?

I just want Adrian Dantley guys… And somehow at 3-13 I’m still in the Sapphire league. Nothing makes sense anymore.

On a positive note Jonathan Issac is the ultimate cheese grater. Just lost to a guy running Melo at point and Issac held him to 2/9 from three.

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Post your lineup?

I have KD, Hakeem, Webber, Russell, etc. But honestly the Rubies have played better for me outside of Ibaka and Draymond really.

The only way to truly win at this game is not touch supermax. Simple as that. Dantley not worth it. I guarantee you.

You have TMac on the bench? I’m guessing you’re on a budget so I would get ruby KD and amy Drummond for your starting lineup. Run your offense through BDiddy.

I promise you the same thing happened to me last round. I started 3-13 and was baffled. I was outplaying guys handily and still losing by 10 points because of them making 70% from 3 (majority contested) and finishing everything at the rim. Some games I was giving up like 85% through 3 quarters and the skill level was completely in my favor. The game was blessing almost every shot they took to go in. Games I would force over 10 turnovers and commit just 1 myself. On the offensive side of things I could balance out to around 50-60% for the game thanks to one quarter in which I would not end up missing bunny’s at the rim, dunks, and open 3’s. Other than that it was 3 quarters of a struggle. Something happened though and every game after that felt like I was released from whatever invisible force was making me miss seemingly everything for 3/4 of a game. However, in my remaining losses for the round I would lose after being up big and then that same nonsense would kick-in in the 4th. Bump steal central, blown dunks, slow euro step finish blocked shot/brick animations, smoking open 3’s, and giving up 85% for a quarter. The game is so frustrating at times. Their idea of a momentum boost is absolutely insane.


OMG bruh, sell TMAC, and improve the rest of your team

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If your going 3-13 it’s more then the game just not bein in your favor you have re-evaluate how you play bro.

Sell Tmac, you can get like 5 cheap Diamonds for it… Whiteside, 95 Westbrook, 97 James and etc.

Guys I can’t sell T-Mac he’s locked in. I have a God squad (ish). But after running that God Squad for so long I feel like 2K had it out for me. I haven’t bought a bulk of VC in a month or so and Hakeem, KD, and Havlicek turned into poop so I went with a Ruby squad. I guess I could re-integrate another Diamond or two to even out my lineup though.

Why even play this game if you can’t play with the players you want? No way am I playing with some bum rubies after I spent all the time and effort to get diamonds


He’s one of my favorite players to play with in PNO even without the 3. And there’s a huge hole in my All Time Jazz Team that his delicious thickness could fill just right.

I have a dunking shoe waiting for Dantley, He is one of my fav players to use in 2k… He will be starting over Diamond George and Pippen… cant wait for him… Put him at the 2 or 3 and abuse the post.

I’d start tmac Webber and Hakeem have jr off the bench pick up derozan for backup pg and sell baron porz and everyone else add amythest porz as backup center. That’s where I would start. I would add klay and Tatum as well. I would have a lineup of tmac klay Tatum Webber Hakeem. Bench derozan jr issac porz and either add another big and keep issac at sf or put issac at pf and get another sf. If you can afford lebron I would add him as well.

I have a feeling that you won’t even need a dunking shoe for him. A 3pt shoe probably

Don’t give up. Keep fighting.

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