I'll Be Selling Diamond Magic Tonight (Xbox)

Love him but I really just think I’ll have more fun with PD Harden. Fortunately Harden also has guard post up plays so I’ll still be able to run those punches that get Bird open so often.

Diamond contract, fully badged with Limitless, Deadeye, Rim Protector, etc…

U will be shouting out loud each open 3 Harden will miss :slight_smile:

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Already do it with KD and Bird lmao, whats one more.

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Cuz u wouldnt take that shot with Magic ? :joy:

At least I’ll stop mistaking KD and Magic when I’m wide open with KD and pass it to Magic for a 3 lol

Look at shoes in those situations i always make em wear different shoes and look at the feet instead of bodies (im not kidding)

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Up for 4 hours, ends 6:12 Pacific.

this is the truth. i always look at the guys feet when they are shooting. making sure they are done moving before starting my shooting animation. or if im doing a moving three i watch the feet and the peak height of the jump. watching anything else is way too distracting for me. i drain a lot more when i stare at the feet