Iggy or Big O at the 1?

What’s up fellas! I’m new to this site, but so far, I think it seems pretty great! Do you guys think Iggy or Big O is better at the 1 spot right now?

Big O at the 1 Iggy at the 2. Big O is a better PG hands down.

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I think I’m going to run one or the other, not both, trying to avoid spending too much MT this early on.

Then Big O

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Big O at PF!


Big O is so silky smooth. He needs the ball in his hands…best at the 1 imo. What sucks is knowing there will be a PD version w HOF badges out the ass. So I know I’ll be selling him within a month or 2.

That’s exactly why I don’t want to spend too much at the beginning of the year! By the time you try reselling people, they aren’t worth anything and then you get screwed.

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The way I combat that is after going 12-0 I just play TTO with him until I know I’ve made back what I spent to get him (88k). Shouldnt take long if I could hit anything besides a damn bronze pack or 100 MT slot.

Damn! How do you make so much in TTO?