If you're looking for a Tmac

My tmac is at 2hrs 19 mins and can be found by refreshing a few times. He has 19 contracts but is partially hidden. Please help a brotha out

it’s at 480. i think ur good man

next one is at 600 :eyes:

yea all of the ones around yours are fully dressed. pple just get in bidding wars over them earlier.

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sold him for bron, hope he’s worth it

No one seems to be finding my Granger at 195k ending in 4 minutes

Element = dumb

no that’s hidden for good

and consider urself lucky bc that’s way better than the 4 ending in 11 minutes

True :neutral_face:

I have a couple more things to sell. It is safe now?

lol how can u see?

wait another hour or so


He bids on everything every second of the day

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@jdealla I “think I’m good” now bro

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yea man i told u not to worry. when those pple start getting outbid on the dressed ones they go for the others.

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I’ll be shocked if he goes any higher. No way he hits 700