If youre 2k, how would you fix it?

I think theyre gonna say this:

Its not a glitch, its a hidden FEATURE

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Have Ronnie say this was actually the surprise and not that new MC mode.


2k about to hit us with “it’s a intended jack pot feature” a little surprise for the players playing early :joy::joy::joy:

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I think theyre gonna flag any accounts claiming Diamonds PD and Opals rn tbh. Then take them away and give them some packs or VC. Not a perfect fix but this is game breaking.

Do we think anyone ever gets sacked at 2k for all these mistakes or are they just like ‘my bad’ and then move on

“yo, did you mess up?”
“Nah, added a feature”


‘John that’s strike 7, you only have 15 more chances before your first disciplinary’



A @petravork sighting…!!


You found me!

They have to take away Reward Cards and Tokens that were acquired through the glitch.

But I don’t see how they can do that without either…

  • Resetting all accounts and screwing early time zone players out of whatever grind they’ve accomplished thus far.
  • Setting some threshold like…Sapphire, and any Reward Card over that gets revoked. In which case some people may still unfairly benefit by having EM and SA cleared.

It’s messy AF.

But it’s essential that they basically revoke the vast bulk of any Tokens/Rewards gained through this glitch.


I would make TwoBrosGaming pen a personal apology to every single person who pre ordered the game and then roll back servers at midnight EST


Fix the glitch & reset everyone’s token progress


Patch it
Take the cards and tokens away from those accounts
Reset everything

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What I would do:

  1. patch ASAP 2) Take away all token rewards above sapphire and any tokens above 50 tokens 3) apologize to the community and explain what happened.

What they will do:

  1. Patch ASAP 2) do nothing and sweep it under rug
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Someone has also found a legend glitch in park, so they have to reset mycareer progress as well. I was getting the game at 9 my time today but it looks like grinding may be pointless because they could just roll everything back

Lol 2k straight up beta testing the first weekend now.

Come on…

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Mike wang also said day 1 patch changed stamina and some other things like quick first step strength so people aren’t even playing the final copy of the game yet

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Every transaction is logged in a DB.

Rollbacks for tokens jumps of +300 is an easy query to write.

Removing the ill-gotten gains if the tokens were redeemed is not hard either.

I wished they used that 250k for some more devs and play testers…