If youo're running full speed down the court and do a snatchback

And I play it perfectly and hit steal…it should be a steal not a FN foul. Come on 2K.

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Welcome to triple threat


2K gotta stop outsourcing the game to devs who watch cricket all day


You have to hit ‘bump’.

Most effective steal method in this game is still cheesy bump steals. That’s crazy.

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Just want to revisit this haha…it is stupid at times. You know it is coming and jump into the dudes face and it’s still green. Steal attempts do nothing. Not every game, but some games good grief.

I remember you made a thread asking how to send your teammates behind the 3point line in TTO… all you need to do is press RB then select the play: pass and screen away. Everytime you pass and screen away the court will become open. It also gets your opponent out of the paint on defense.

This is about defending snatchbacks when you know they are coming when playing on ball D…its insanity some games.

Appreciate the tip though.