If You Were To Open One Box To Start Your Team Off, Which One Would You Choose?

So, I fucked up and spent 200k on packs and got literally nothing higher than a ruby. This would be a perfect excuse to quit but I can’t because: a.) MyTEAM keeps me from burning out from just playing MyCAREER and b.) I’d have to pretty much leave this site and that would suck.

So, with that in mind, I ask you all, to help me out, and tell me which box I should open.

Wait - all odds are trash rn

I know all too well :sleepy:

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I’d never open a box, but if I had to it would be heat check box.
With 20 guaranteed heat check cards you’ll surely get a good amount of MT and some moments card would also be in there.
With other boxes it’s just relying on pure luck.


Heat Check but I would absolutely wait to do that until Moments are in there…

kobe anni pack

kobe would be a cash cow
magic is the best starting pg
love & lillard usable diamonds

He saying opening boxes right now… there isnt a single moments card right now so this is the worse possible box to open

Are odds dynamic?

Just buy MT

I’d take the money you spent on the box which is probably $40 and spend it on MT which could get you 300k

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I unfortunately cant use paypal, so unless someone would trade me for a GC I’m screwed

GC? If you mean psn card or Xbox code then yeah someone probably can

You know anyone who does? I’m canadian though and that could be a problem

No but if you make a thread I’m sure you can find one