If you want a cheaper card in the auction house, don't show interest

If you pick a card and look at it, that shows that you want it and the price of that card will bounce up. I suspect they even know when you stop at a card. Why wouldn’t they? They know you press square to steal. End game Luka Doncic has two cards. One a pg/sg and the other sg/sf. Since I’ve suspected this for awhile I hold my directional down and rarely let up. I wanted Doncic pg/sg and time after time he’s been lower than the sg/sf because that’s the only one I stop on if ever I do stop. I found a really cheap pg/sg and went to buy it but it said it was already sold. I then refreshed and suddenly like magic all the pg/sg cards of him were about 30k above what they originally were going for and well above the sg/sf cards that were once more expensive. The pg/sg card was going for 30k-40k and now it’s 60k-70k, the card I found was 23k. The sg/sf card is still about the same, between 40k-50k.

You come up with some way out there theories dude.
Like completely insane stuff. Didn’t you suggest they changed the entire game because you were getting steals or something?

A break from the game might be best.


These consipracies get better and better.

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Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you.

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You need a friend mate. And some exercise. And maybe sunlight too


Interesting, now go outside

Watch out the flatists are after you !! Run & Hide is your best option

yesterday I got OG from the wheel

immediately after that, I went to pour myself some coffee

spilled it

2k did that to punish my luck

the bastards!


LMAO I knew Melo would have something to say, dudes always on my posts. Must live on this site catching every post that comes along.

Anywho, pg/sg Luka can be won on season 9 rewards but not the sg/sf Luka. That means there are way more cards of pg/sg Luka and it should be cheaper. It was cheaper till I tried to buy it. Same reason you can get Scottie Barnes for cheap as well as Melo and JR. They’re not singling me out, I’m just the one who notices and points it out.

read your post out loud. you sound mental.


lol, if you want a cheaper card, go through the auction house, find the lowest priced one on there then find one that has the lowest bid on it currently then set your maximum bid on that card to the price of the cheapest one you saw on buy out minus 500MT. That way you’re assured of getting the cheapest you can with an MT return or you’ll hopefully get it below the auction house’s lowest buy-now one. That’s how I get my cards as cheaply as possible. If someone is willing to pay more than what is currently the cheapest buy now available, that’s on them and they’re just too lazy to scroll the auction house IMO.

See it all the time, people bidding higher then the cheapest buy-now on the market for some stupid reason?

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To be fair, this site isn’t as thriving as it used to be. I can leave for 4 days and come back to see every notable post on the first page


To be fair, most on here are mods or sell Mt/2k services and benefit from gaslighting. Love that pic of the girl showing her cleavage always vouching for services, bet she a man. I found a topic I made 18 days ago but not this one I made a week ago. I could only find this one by clicking responses. Yaw have a good one.