If you see this in MyTeam, what would you do?

If you’re playing MyTeam and you run into this, what happens next? Just curious.

Edit: I just looked at 2KDB, and Kawhi has a 25 shot iQ AND 25 intangibles. It’s Kawhi Leonard. On what planet would Kawhi have 25 shot iQ or intangibles.

2nd Edit: 2KGamer is really slapping me with the new user stuff, so that’s why I’m only liking the comments. I can’t reply for like another 4-6 hours. Yes, hours.

Dropstep on curry everytime

Offball on giannis lol this team could easily be beaten

It’ll probably be another 5 out iso offball zoner, that just chucks up moving threes, so it will be just like playing anyone else.


Need another C bro.

But I’m probably just beating up on Curry w Magic


Wait why is giannis at the 5

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I don’t really know. I kinda just put him there.

IMO I would try but this person might be good or just crazy money spent

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tell him to take a shower

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This is the credit card squad, btw.

Edit: Now that I think about it, this is the kind of team Troydan would play with. That man spends hella money on MyTeam

I would assume it was a developer as Kawhi should not be available.

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Play the game. There are plenty of guys with great teams who aren’t good and/or are one trick ponies.

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Big facts.

I’m going off with my Magic, Shaq and Kareem.

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I run into teams like this a lot

dash quit I’m not into wasting time. If they have these cards yes they have HOF credit card but they also grind the game a ton so they probably don’t suck.

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You’d be surprised. I’ve been running into a lot of squads that are mostly top tier rewards. And most of the time, you can tell they’re just strictly offline players. Current XP challenge for playing Unlimited.

i hope they fix the leaning 3s, that shit is almost as bad as the 3pt hunting crap in 2k20.


Yeah, it’s so bad. About to completely ruin the game for me. Even when I play TTO, everyone just sprints circles around the three point line and chucks moving shots. Dreadful.

2k has always loved catering to the scrubs, though.


we should just make a thread on here and basically post everyone we face who does that shit. i love basketball and this is the only game we got, but playing these guys online can drive a man crazy lol