If you see a guy cheesing with arenas at the 4. Put hill on him

Guy just messed up my tenth game in a rowcheesing like a motherfcker. He had previous award players already. I figured it out in the 2nd quarter and slowed his ass down. He hit miracle buzzer beater to beat me. But if you see him . Whoop his ads to ensure he doesn’t get a potm ever again!!

Couldn’t you just post up arenas at the 4


Yes but his 3s going in all day are more than my twos

Should’ve just brought in a wing off ur bench to guard him I ran into a guy tonight with giannis at the 1 and harden at the 5. Harden didnt score a point and Hakeem ate his ass up till he quit 19-4 in the first quarter

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Arenas at the 4 ? giphy%20(1)


You can stopped him by using full court press or something,just switch all for the off-ball screen and rise your hands up when he shoots !

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Full court press. That’s what I’m missing. They run that on me but that just makes it easier for me to push up court and score.

If he was already cheesing all the time and you wanna win the game ,just change it I won’t say that as Cheeser