If you’re the warriors...would you do this trade?

D lo and Their first round pick


KAT and Roco



That is a very interesting lineup, elite defense 2-4

Of course. This would be a fleecing for the Warriors.

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This is ridiculous. Timberwolves would be idiots to take this

Also pretty sure GSW doesn’t have their 1st, they traded a protected 1st to Brooklyn to get D’Lo


This would be a robbery.


Celtics in shambles

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Nah GS have the pick

Let’s say warriors got #1 pick

DLo is a all star 25 ppg

I don’t think it’s a complete fleece

Are you serious man?
KAT has 4 years left on his deals and is a top5 big in the league.

Pels got the farm for AD on expiring deal, if anyone wants KAT they’re gonna need to trade pretty much their entire roster and 3-4 picks.

DLo is way overrated.


Lmfo dude I like you but you need to lay of the drugs. No one’s trading KAT.

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That was just the foundation I’m pretty sure if this was even thought of then there would be more stuff thrown in

I seen this on ESPN just wondering if it was a long shot

Maybe it would be Wiggins and RoCo for DLo and the pick

No.The reports are that Wolves want Dlo and Warriors have no interest in their package. Wolves want to pair up Dlo with KAT, rather than to make Golde State great again.

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Brown or DLo, who would you take as the centerpiece of a KAT trade? I think Bos could offer more prospects and picks than GS could too

It will be 2-3 years before KAT realistically gets to even to a point of being traded.

It takes 1 demand

I would take Jaylen over DLo. Problem is Pels raised the bar and Wolves will be looking for an AD type package.

It does, but they just barely signed him to his new contract and his one chill dude who likes to kick back play some games and whatnot. Theyre in his ear about moves and stuff tho. Not happening right now.

There was a report that he was disgruntled but who knows how true that is. I think hes been in a losing situation long enough that it might start to piss him off. He would be perfect for Boston and Brad would help him on defensive end a ton.

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Top #5 pick,next years first rounder, paschall and D-Lo for KAT is the only way they would be able to grab KAT and it would prob be in the offseason