If you pull this shoe during the Jordan Promo don't use it!

Obviously I cannot stop someone from using a shoe that they pull, but I have been searching for 97 DMC with this shoe! If you get this shoe I will pay you A LOT of MT for it!!! I know the promo is not out yet, but when it comes I know a lot of packs will be ripped and diamond shoes tend to fly out, especially if it’s historic. Diamond%20Shoe

Who are you trying to throw that shoe on?

The 97 Demarcus Cousins

Shoe is killer for bird but would rather have white with brown bottom Nikes on Malone

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Exactly. Greys for Larry Legend, Whites for the Mailman imo

I pulled it yesterday and put it on Cousins when i was drunk lol. PG13 was waiting for it also, shit happened.
Have it on Bird and J also.

Edit: Just saw, I have it on 95 Cousins :smiley: I’m guessing u are looking for the new 97 Cousins ? If it is 95 and Ps4 pm me your offer.
Bird is not for sale anyway.

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I grabbed a mvp lebron with this shoe and a diamond contract for 150k last night, i guess everyone was playing fortnite lol


I grabbed the exact All Star Lebron with this diamond shoe and infinite contracts for around 150k too. Ps4. I also have the new playoff moments Lebron with no shoe or contract. Which one should I keep? I’ll have almost the same card and mt profit if I keep the All Star version plus 99 speed n 99 swb? Easy decision right? No brained! Sell the new Lebron?! Lol!

Damn you and your constant teasing me with you bird! Lol

can you suggest some players to add them the nike foamposite?

Yea unless you plan on using dwade, i would sell the playoffs lebron, make it quick tho, once Jordan thingy thingy comes out, ppl will be on those packs

Yes 97 unfortunately lol if only you wouldn’t have used it

Update, 97 Boogie.

Tbh i thought of buying a Bird and putting it on for sale but dunno why i ended up putting it on my Cousins who already had red kyries LMAO. I won’t drink and play around ah never again.

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you answer to me?

what player would you put the diamond foamposite on?

Demar maybe

If you get it again you know what to do lol

Well this was my 3rd, so most likely i’ll pull another one :smiley:

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