If you could change one FA card into a permanent card who would you pick?

Every now and then when I run friendlies with my IRL friends we’ll each take a free agent card into the game just to change things up and a few of them are actually really nice. I think the FA TMac is probably my favorite of the bunch and I would pay a good amount of MT if I could use him permanently.

If you could make one of the FA cards into a permanent card in your collection who would you take? And assume that the card would be treated like a reward card. I know many of you are Danny Ainge levels of cold blooded so I wouldn’t put it past you to just pick whoever you thought was most valuable and auction them off the moment you got them.

Edit: How do you think a lineup like this would compare to the average “meta” team?

Edit 2: Does anyone have FA Worthy unlocked yet that can confirm whether or not he has base 11? If he does I may have to skip the other schedules and jump right to the Lakers when I get off work lol

T mac is fucking nuts

Steven adams

I’m saying. I might have more disrespectful posters between that FA card and the the sapphire than I do with the rest of my collection combined lol

Paul George. Swb is kinda low, but his dunking and shooting is all 92+ with 100 tendency.

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You can fix swb with a shoe tho. His tendencies are just stupid

That card + HoF and a little speed is end game. And it’s only 94



That 94 is a lie. Dude is easily a 98 PD if he was a real card. Just compare him to the 2 diamond PGs and you can better appreciate his greatness lol

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That man is definitely a monster but his 64 lateral quickness hurts. I switch all on D so I prefer bigs with decent speed and LQ to combat screen cheese

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I’d want Clyde. I always love using him but I’m never willing to pay a lot for him.

boogie or tmac

Demarcus Cousins!

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