If you could add one thing to a players legacy

Sorry guys but things like this always pop into my head so I wanted to hear what you guys think. I’ll be doing my top 3 favorite players.

Vince Carter- any kind of playoff success while he was in his prime as much as I hate to admit maybe he didn’t have as much success in his career as he should have.

Lebron- Honestly as much as I love him I wish he played basketball at 100% on both sides of the court and was more humble. I feel like he wouldn’t have nearly as much criticism and wouldn’t tear down franchises like he has in the past several years.

Hakeem- I really wish his 2 rings came against MJ lead bulls teams. This man is damn near a forgotten great by many nba “fans” these days and it isn’t that I want MJs finals record tarnished I just want Hakeem to get more recognition.


kobe 2006 mvp


Scottie Pippen defensive player of the year. I mean, the best perimeter defender of all time never got it…


Wow I always assumed he had one. Learn something every day lol

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great thread

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Larry Bird

-played hurt
-drank with the locals
-committed to giving value to ticket holders
-gave back his salary when he was too hurt to play anymore

Nothing need be added to this legacy


KD stay in OKC and earn a ring the right way


LeBron: Nothing.

Curry: KD not joining. Wouldve been nice to see him redeem himself after losing from 3-1.

with Westbrook that’s almost impossible

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Preface this by saying I’m a Kings fan…

The 2002 WCF. Specifically Game 6. I believe we truly were the best team that year and a ring would have meant the world to the whole city of Sacramento, and the legacies of players like Divac, Bibby, Peja and especially C-Webb.


No reason to even mention lebron?

I’d say lebron win against the Mavericks

Yeah his legacy is near perfect. I wish he remained healthy though it would have been nice to see him have a 20 year career.

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Garnett should’ve won the MVP his first year in Boston instead of Kobe.

Garnett wins a ring with Minnesota.


Mostly cause that gives wade another ring

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They almost had the Lakers in 04.

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I had tickets to one of the playoffs games in MN in ‘04. That was my favorite TWolves team. Wish they would’ve won that year… and I’m a Kobe fan too.

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Yeah, although I exaggerate as no career is perfect, Larry did some unusually heroic things.

Curry- winning 2015 finals MVP which he deserved
and finishing the cavs off in game 5 2016

KD- Leaving OKC 10 more times

LeBron- Winning in 2011 winning Finals MVP

Dwight- Back not hurt in 2013 and win a playoff series

Mcgrady- Stay in Orlando with Dwight