If you are considering buying Diamond Bird

This man is unreal. When he gets hot it’s over, his shooting is just ridiculous. Probably the best release in the game and also plays great defense and rebounds (you see the closeout speed and shot contest in the video). He’s worth every penny!!! Just demoralizes the opponent as you can see

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Dammmmmnnnn He caught Fire!!!

Larry Bird is amazing!

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If no one is in the new promo I’ll pick up another bird

What shoe do you have on him?

I use either the gold Jordan that boosts speed and acceleration or the silver that boosts speed with ball and acceleration

I have the diamond Curry sitting in the collection waiting for the right player

I just sold ole Frobe and missed him dearly to start SuperMax last night. I want Bird but I have to wait for an auction to come around. I need that firepower!!!

Damn ahah!! How much is that Bird?

I paid 198k for him which isn’t too bad

I’m considering adding him the diamond yellow-grey swb shoe depending on new collection.

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Yeah I love when bird inbounds to magic come up court toss it to bird 5 feet off the line and let fly before d even knows what hit them. I got him with a pair of shoes that add 9 to moving 3 he is pretty much unstoppable.

That’s the shoe I want on one also

Just bid 223k on one.

Won the auction… let’s go Larry Legend!

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Someone was asking for that shoe in a topic, here or in 2kmtc i can’t remember.
Is that you ? and u were asking for Bird ? :slight_smile:

Maybe i don’t know, I have add so I tend to jump from thing to think lol

Have one with diamond shoe that boosts speed, latq, and shot contest. He doesn’t need the swb boost if used correctly.

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You should 100% put those shoes on him. It made mine lethal and the moving 3 boost is crucial.

Anything that boosts speed, swb, or moving 3 is perfect for him. Honestly without a shoe he’s still a gawd