If we're getting a non-PD Jordan, I'm guessing it's tomorrow

2K is sort ‘obligated’ to give us a 99 Jordan one way or the other. And it is likely one of their last pack selling strategies for the end of the cycle, because they know we’re suckers and will wait around til the very end to get our hands on that card.

That being said, they can’t wait too long if they’re going to release a lower rated diamond version because they can’t say ‘here’s a 97 overall’ and then one week later ‘here’s the 99’.

I think they can easily justify releasing one now, and then dropping the PD at the end of May or early June.

Maybe , but my caring it’s about gone… I’m more interested in building a team for DaNalis tournament

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Yes agreed they did it in a similar way last year, hoping di Jordan is a beast, last years was blah

That’s where I’m at right now too.

tbh I doubt it. Releasing diamond jordan now then PD in a month wouldn’t do well for them because they are releasing so close. Most people might just wait for the PD and not waste their time on the diamond. I think it’s going to be a sig series as that’s what makes them the most money. So far only the goats have gotten a sig series so I fully expect them to give one to the the real GOAT

Pink Diamond MJ was released last year around Memorial Day wkend so that gives us a good reference point. They may very well release it tmrw just never know.