If we’re getting a Promo this Friday, what do y’all think the theme will be?

I know it’s a bit early to talk about this, but 2k hasn’t released a single promo this month of November.

I have a feeling we’ll be getting one tomorrow, if not, definitely next Friday.

What do you guys think?

We ain’t getting content tor the rest of the week


If that’s the case, then I’m expecting a promo next week

Damn we really didn’t get a promo this month? Lights Out was that far ago. Time is flying.


I thought we were due for a promo last Friday and they dropped spotlight. Then I was sure we were getting one this week and saw D rose and Kobe instead.

I think they are still targeting a promo drop in November so if it’s not tomorrow I’ll be shocked. Seems like they don’t need to milk drose all weekend because everyone and their grandma opened packs yesterday.

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Yeah Lights Out was released at October 25th. That’s how long ago it was

They haven’t drop content on Thanksgiving and the day after since 2k17.


I’m pretty sure that was when 2k released Amy Magic. I should be right on this since that was the 2nd to last time I paid microtransactions

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If there’s no promo tomorrow then I could see 2 drop in December, one the first week and the other the last week.


Alright I’m changing the title for this. We should be getting a Promo this Friday

Hope its a lock down set.

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OGxSuave approves this idea

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Xmas is coming… meaning we will get a holiday promo… ak47 inbound backup position point lol

Probably the final legacy card for the set.

Cheese promo with AK, Granger, KP…


I went on a boating trip to Mexico with Ariana Grande and her friends.

U mad?

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I will pay 1 million mt for PG AK47

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That’s dedication to the cheese

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No I’m more upset out of all places u decided to go on a boat to Mexico out of all places

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