If Steph Wins MVP

Will the market still crash?

It’s already crashed

It could be a pd bootyhole and the market would crash. People like seeing that pd glow.


You can go ahead and change the thread title now. It’s happening!

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We’re best friends

Co nba finals mvp happening. Two pd’s!

I bet 2K would do it to milk all of the money they can.

Technically, Ronnie said KD deserves a “moments card” for game 3. And if Steph wins MVP, he could get a PD ALSO. so we could see 2 PD’s

I think they’ll give Steph Finals MVP PD and KD a Playoff Moments PD from his 40+ point game.

I believe the same

Sell your 97 curry now

Ugh. Ronnie deserves a PD pink slip

PD Pink eye

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Will it drop tonight or tomorrow?

Sniped a 97 Curry for 80k and sold it for 95k BIN. Small profit :slight_smile:

You serious? I saw one for 75k lmao fuck

Either that or curry gets p.d and kd gets 97 diamond with duo with pd curry.

its still KD imo

Both had three good games and one bad, but that Curry’s was way more atrocious than KD in game 1.

They might do co-MVPs. Either way I think we end up with PD Curry and PD KD. They’d be stupid not to. It’s an easy money grab.