If PG is tomorrow then I’m certain we will see

PD Jermaine

Amy Mel Daniels

It’s been anniv every 2 weeks. Idk why they would break the schedule

They also give us hints for a promo

Pd Granger would be goated

I don’t know where to put PG13 and PD Granger.

Nahhh I need these 3k tokens asap

PG would replace my kawhi

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I need to drop some pieces I really love PG13

Meh opal Giannis my starting pg, starting sf playoff kd, backup anni bron. Don’t care if they release pg he won’t crack my lineup over those 2. Just wish they would hurry up so I can get my opal Shaq

Curry was released without a hint

PD BBB is coming hot tomorrow

The AH for Granger. I hate base 11 lol

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Yes AH for Granger!!!

Now PG is difficult. Id probably move kd tp the bench but Id have to see his stats.

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For Sure he will be amazing Haha

PD Danny granger might make this Paul george the cheapest anniversary card in series 3

Sir, in the words of Conor Mcgregor, you predict deez tings

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