If nobody else will say it I will

GO Malone is the 2nd Best card in the game.

I dont have GO Giannis but I can see that he is probably the best All-around card but Malone might be just as close because of his release alone.
But as far as the other cards please some one tell me a better card. And it is definitely not Wilt or Worthy ( I have both).
He is amazing in the post,ball handling, limitless 3s, defending, rebounding, release. Just unstoppable.


Thank you for making me that much more excited about locking him in 3 hours

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I really would like to hear a better card other than GO Giannis.

Don’t worry people will forget about him when the next set comes out


Could be but PF is really really lacking. That’s why I think this is a no brainer for me

OK. we will see

This card is so glitchy, got him up to 91 BC and have him ankle breaker and he snatches a few ankles here and there

I got clips for days.

I play him at the 2 or 3.

I doubt I put him there. I’ve got plenty of sg and wings. If they don’t drop a new GO very soon, add Worthy to that list

I have Go Giannis, go malone, chris paul, blake and wilt…and maloe is easily second best card, some thing’s he does eveen better than giannis. He is everything GO lebron should be but never will be because of meta. Amazing animations, huge body, super fast and easy and fast release…tell me why would i run opal kobe tmac or lebron unless they are 6’10 or 6’11 and have 90+ strength? They will never compare

Bring on opal kg and porzigis.

This malone is insane value compared to blake and i actually love blake.

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By the way you are doing yourself a disservice if you dont run him at 2…his release is fast enough to come off screen in iverson set and hes fast enough to keep up with any sg…and post spin…any card.

Exactly. At the 2 or 3 who will be better? Not Kobe, Not Lebron, Not KD, Not PG

Prime example that Garnett coming out they could make him a opal if they wanted and change his release and you can’t tell me go Garnett would be better than Malone

Bro any sg 6’7 or shorter id a scam…straight up scam on 2ks part. Dont fot the meta and will get abused.

He wont have a better release or strength. Plus im talking about right now.

I have Malone and I’m not 100 percent sure he is the best or second best yet. Need more time to see. He hasn’t been out long enough. But on paper he is better than both Worthy and Wilt. In game is another story because both Wilt and Worthy are cold blooded killers. Soo far I’m loving all my Opals except for Cp3 because he’s too short, but a beast as well.

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Can’t be really a secret, everyone has been running Malone as much as I’ve played online :confused:

They will never give Garnett… The swb or Ball control that Malone has.

As far as right now who is better?