If nba live would come up with more realistic game

Would you play it? A game where centers are nerfed for playing out of position. They have so much trouble selling thier game. They should concentrate on marketing. …or 2k if there getting this message can fix the cheese!

Nah their engine is complete ass



the cheese is here to stay.

This is where I reside

I tried playing it last year and the movement felt so clunky and the players felt so unoriginal. They have a lot of work to do before I would consider giving it another go.

I thought Live was moving in a good direction after last year’s game but they somehow made a worse game. Maybe EA should translate Live to being a Free-To-Play game and try to capitalize on microtransactions


EA has an opportunity to make the first sports title that is F2P and supported for multiple years rather than a $60 release each year. They have a chance to completely change the game.

A month ago I would have never believed they would do something like this but after releasing Apex Legends completely F2P and it being one of the best games I’ve played since Halo 3 I can see them going this route.

2K’s customer approval rating is probably lower than Trumps approval rating right now. There is a massive opportunity to take that market share


IF they would make a pc version, yes.

i could be wrong but i believe 2k just recently signed an exclusivity deal with the nba ranging around 1 billion dollars, so i’ve been wondering will ea even go through all the trouble, i think nba live is done.

It’s licensing, not exclusive


EA hires Ronnie, all problems solved.

I’m thinking about switching to mobile