If Magic and Curry drop tomorrow, you still going for Wall?

Just curious what people’s plan is if they are as good as I’m hoping they are

Already decided not to. Luka and Magic are the kings of the PG position. Even Harden is freaking awesome and Wall wouldn’t be much of an upgrade, if any.


I think I will knock it out over the rest of the season but if Magic is under 500k its a insta cop for me

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Same, that’s how I feel too

For sure! And I recon I’ll finish the sims eventually. But maybe not haha

I am definitely going to. My primary interest in the drop tomorrow are the Age of Heroes set cards. Obviously Magic will be a great card, but not for the 700k he might be going for. I will have to obtain him if I want to lock the set, but if I don’t like the reward I will sell him later. I like having cards like Wall that are elite and non-auctionable so I don’t have to wonder when is the right time to sell before their value crashes.


Last year I believe there was 4 sims, ?, Hakeem, goat curry and goat bird. I will possibly grind a goat reward, but not this one

Fuck ya I’m still going for Wall. Its a free card, the card art is amazing, and I love John wall cards. Oh and his stats/badges/tendencies are fucking insane


Magic will be the best card in the game when he drops. He’ll be the total package with elite size for his position. A true unicorn. I also don’t think he’ll be quite as expensive as you might imagine IF he drops this weekend. If 2K does All Star weekend big like they usually do, there will be so much content that it might keep prices a bit deflated on the new cards. At least here’s hoping

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I’m about to get Unseld and I want to get Roy, so might as well get Wall.

He’s still going to be a top 3 PG if Magic drops tomorrow, and I won’t be getting Magic immediately so I’ll definitely use him for a bit.

We also haven’t had like a top tier Wall card since like 2k18, and by the time that card came out, there was no point in running small pgs aside from maybe like Westbrook or Curry. It also didn’t help that the game sucked.

Yea magic is gonna be cold but wall will still be an end game option. I think magic will be much easier for casual players who don’t know how to dribble and shoot to cheese. But the guards like wall in the right hands are extremely annoying to face.

Magic will be incredible. But so is Wall.

Good point

Already gave up. Got Wicks and said screw this. Way too much sweat and many of the pds along the way are useless. Might do it in dribs and drabs from now to August just for something to do.

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For me it’s just the time factor and Magic or the eventual Lamello. I won’t be doing 1 player a day or anything like that so it will take some time for me to complete. More focused on getting xp for Robinson and will gladly spend MT on the new PG. for true grinders my hat is off to ya cuz he will be good. But after going through the Kobe grind last year I’m just not up for another one

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I just grabbed Iverson cause heart reasons

Will not grind for any other cards. Wall, Roy and Unseld will be outdated or will have equivalents on the market by the time I get them

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Last year the better rewards were opal B Roy and goat cards of Kobe, Bird and Curry. The collector level rewards were Wade and Sabonis. All named above were intriguing enough that people wanted to work for those cards. This year you get Lillard from collector level and Wall from a grueling spotlight challenge. Maybe the rewards get better but so far don’t seem very enticing. 2 undersized point guards that are usually some of the cheapest cards in the game.

No it was Harden, Kobe, Bird, and Curry


I am. Magic is going to be one of the most expensive cards in the game. I ain’t built like that. :joy:

Considering KD is the most expensive card in the game and is around 700k, I don’t think Magic will go for more than that.

Add 200k if he was SG/SF. That limits the top limit. Big PGs / SGs are always the most expensive ones.