If LeBrons eliminated y’all think we get a pd this weekend?

What y’all think?

My guess is at the very end after the last promo, we get a PD Lebron in throwbacks, PD KD in playoff moments and re release PD Harden in league packs.

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It be a 98 heat lebron with Wade which gives them a PD duo. It looks pretty obvious they would do this but it is 2k lol

You mean he will get the same card he has now but with hof dimer and thats basically it?

The 98 last year had 15 HOF badges. There’s no way he gets anything less than that with all these OP cards

I don’t think they will release it even if he gets eliminated. I think it will either be in throwback playoff packs or the card that you get when you lock the most expensive set of all time

PD Lebron is going to have every badge and he’s going to shit on your whole team. It’s goibg to be terrifying.

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PD lebron is all i need to finish my lineup and end this game,pls 2K,release it asap

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Probably not after he quitted another playoff series… Shame

I need to get ready for this card. I might need to sell off a batch of people.

As much as I hate Lebron, this one isnt on him. All he has is Love and Korver when Lue actually decides to use him. Everyone else is complete trash. No idea why Lue barely played Korver, hes dangerous.

Are we getting a diamond Korver, J.R., TT? I mean all the other teams got diamond cards right? :man_shrugging:


Diamond korver and jr will be impossible to guard


2k doesn’t work on weekends plus holiday. Forget it lol

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