If Klay Thompson replaced Khris Middleton on the Bucks are they the favorites to the win the title?

I’ve always wanted to see Klay as number #1 option. He’d be like Ray Allen on steroids.

I think the bucks need a better point guard. IMO.

Middleton shooting 50/40/90 this year. Very Efficient.

I’m pretty sure they are the favorites,
although no clear cut to win it all this year.

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Don’t they have George Hill? I know Bledsoe is always trash in the playoffs.

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Yeah they have him but he can’t consistently impact the game.

Ray Allen was nowhere close to being a championship favorite as a #1 or #2 option

Middleton could show up this year. Last year he was MIA


More posts about Klay leaving GSW

Gotta respect Klays backers

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I was comparing his play style to Ray. I don’t know if I can trust Middleton in the playoffs. He’s an all star player, but he’s yet to carry the team on his performance alone during a playoff game.

I don’t see klay leaving. Splash bros are made for eachother

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Nah that ain’t happening. Would be cool tho.

The bucks need another Playmaker a combo or scoring PG. I don’t trust bledsoe.

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I really thought Klay would’ve left for Miami if he hadn’t got injured

Would’ve been a natural fit if he wanted to go and be the #1 guy somewhere on a team with legit deep run potential

But at this point he’s staying. Dubs in position to make another run if they hit on their pick

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Wiseman would definitely fit there, unless they trade the pick.

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Nah not Miami. JB and Klay would clamp the league up, but there’s no way LeGm would let Klay leave for any where else but LA.

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I meant this past offseason, so he would’ve been there instead of Butler

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I really like the heat right now.

The culture in the city the way they play
seems to sync with every player.

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No disrespect. Pat Riley is my guy but he looks like he’s ready for retirement. although he is still performing even tho he looks like Gandalf

He might have had white hair longer than I’ve been alive



In 5 less minutes per game Middleton only averages 0.6 less ppg in their most recent season respectively, he isnt coming off a torn acl, shoots a better % from 3, the free throw line and from the field, averages more assists and more rebounds per game. Klay only is behind 0.3% in usage rate and khris has more offensive and defensive win shares, a better DBPM, OBPM and a higher VORP

TLDR: Klay is worse in almost all important statistical categories

Except winning

Attorney @Jarrod, put down the pro reference. When Klays team is down he digs down deep and pulls shirts shorts up. Full Clamps

Need to see this from Middleton before comparing