If J.Cole makes the NBA

I will spend my life savings for that opal in 2K21. In Play Now he would be my starting PG. I’m not playing about this Detroit. If yall sign J Cole I am a Piston fan IMMEDIATELY


How much sadder of a franchise does Detroit really want to be?


Lmao buying a jersey and he will be on my Myteam forever lmao


He will be a bronze card with 54 speed 62 dribble, 74 3point and mid range.

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2k could give him a juiced fan favorite card too like Caruso and tacko. He’d at least be at the bottom of my bench all year haha

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I’ll take it

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That’s exactly what he’d get because him promoting a pack would bring more

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He’s 6’2 but I can see 2k giving him 6’4 lmO

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J Cole can hoop tho :eyes:

i saw a video of a pickup game w/ some nba players and he looked good.

in hs he wasn’t great tho. he didn’t even start sr year and our team was just decent that year

i haven’t bought an nba jersey in forever but i’d def get one

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U went to his HS?

I did a video shoot as a photography assistant on one of The Games videos.

He had a full court set up on the set.

He could play for Detroit easy, dude is a pro level baller.

The game looks out of shape in those drew league things

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Yeah tru this was like 10 years ago, but dude was a demon.

I like Cole but his punch lines are just wacc sometimes

“no strings attached like a cordless phone” :sweat_smile:


No strings attatched call me Velcro.


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He trashed that premier beat too. He was rappin out of pace

I’m a Cole guy but got my issues

1 out of every 4.8 J Cole songs is fire.

Complete Banger



Y’all are bugging. J coles nice